ZZ web application platform      

An application platform for heavy-duty web services and sites


A secure, scalable, high performance web platform for rich user experience sites and services

ZZ is a platform for web services and service based websites that require solid support for rich user interfaces in a fail-safe and scalable architecture.

Bridging backend and frontend

The happy days of complete backend supremacy are gone for good. Since the introduction of AJAX  –  the asynchronous 'invisible' request/response  –  web users have gotten used to fast responsiveness and immediate interaction.

No backend can by itself deliver the required tools for such a user environment, and adding the frontend as an afterthought simply doesn't make sense any more.
And the extensive use of AJAX introduces a range of new security problems  –  challenges that cannot be well attended from a backend point of view alone.

Thus the current-day web arena calls for an integrative view on the frontend-backend dichotomy  –  ZZ is, among other things, an attempt to target these issues.

A dual framework

ZZ consists of a frontend Javascript framework and a LAMP-based backend environment.
Both ends of the platform are being developed with a set of particular objectives in mind:

•  deliberate frontend-backend integration
•  safety and security
•  high performance, low overhead
•  scalability
•  thorough error handling
•  manageable and reusable code
•  systematic codebase and documentation

Born to grow  –  single- or multi-server installation, it's just the same

Being a completely modular system, ZZ doesn't really care if everything  –  user and application databases, dynamic content generation, static content delivery  –  is squeezed into a single server, or placed on a range of different servers.

It's only a matter of configuration.

A platform for applications, not a CMS  ;-)

Several people have asked if ZZ is a content management system. Nope, it's not.

ZZ will probably at a later time offer some kind of CMS module, but the main purpose is not to deliver just another text cataloguing machine (or any other particular functionality, for that matter).

The idea is to provide a safe and comfy container for (almost) whatever kind of web application one could think of.


Speed disclaimer

This site is not based on ZZ, and it's situated on a choked virtual server.
So please don't evaluate ZZ's performance on the basis of this site.